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What happens after a life-altering knee injury?

Holding pattern

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On Friday, 2 days ago now, I had my third PT session. We’ve officially entered a holding pattern with my therapy to allow for some more healing in the knee joint. My therapist rightly wants to give the DeNovo NT tissue graft a chance to settle in, though he did say that my tibial tubercle osteotomy site should be well on its way to healing. It’s the cartilage transplant that’s holding me back at the moment.

So we didn’t add any new exercises. I was pleased when he measured my passive extension that it has pretty much normalized to match my other knee. And he measured my passive flexion at 142 degrees! My use of an exclamation point there is not accidental; this is only about 8 degrees away from matching my other knee. Pretty exciting to me! It’s not without pain and a lot of stretching over the incision, but I can get it there. We’ll continue to work on those, the straight leg raises (SLRs), calf raises, and quad sets.

Since I don’t have much of an update, I thought I’d share a couple of pics from the first few weeks when I was strapped into the CPM (continuous passive motion) machine 24/7.

I became a pro using the remotes for the machines. Simultaneously. But it clearly took some concentration.

CPM and Recovery Machines

You can’t tell me that the CPM isn’t some kind of updated medieval torture device. And this one, they expect you to use on yourself. Ridiculous!

This was my view for those first three weeks. This is in the CPM with the Recovery ice/compression pads velcro-ed on the knee. Can we say boring? I should have taken my sister up on her offer to rearrange my living room furniture so that I could see out the window, but I was too tuckered to even get up off the couch when she brought that up.

CPM and Recovery Machines

I have my next PT appointment on Wednesday, and I’ll try to get some pictures. I already feel like I’m on display there, so I don’t know if I can overlook my sensitivities to actually get some. But I’ll try!


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