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What happens after a life-altering knee injury?

Luck-y Sunday

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I was super lucky to get out of the house yesterday to watch Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts take on defeat the Miami Dolphins. Thanks to my friends who sprung me loose, I was able to head to a favorite hangout where I’m known as “Trouble.” No joke. I’m pretty sure the bartender doesn’t know my real name; he has called me Trouble since the first time I set foot in the place. My reputation preceded me.

I’ve been watching our new quarterback with a lot of excitement this season. He’s young, but he’s the consummate professional. I bet he’s tired of hearing about the daily comparisons to Peyton Manning, but he’d never let on. He’s performed rather well in his own right, and I’m more excited each week to see how our QB and his fresh team perform. We still have some of my favorites like Reggie Wayne and Dwight Freeney, and we’ve added a few new names that are worth the watch. We currently have the same record as the Denver Broncos (Hey Peyton, I still miss you). Just sayin’.

I do still love to watch the Manning brothers. I named my cat Manning after the great Peyton, and I won’t be changing his name to Lucky any time soon. I was SO excited to see Peyton’s first game with the Broncos because he proved that he was coming back in a big way. For some reason, I worry about his neck on a personal level. He did a lot for my new hometown–and heck, the whole NFL–so he shouldn’t feel that he has to prove anything to anyone. Except he apparently needs to prove to himself that he can still play with the best of them.

You know who I don’t like to watch? Pretty boy Brady and the neanderthal Roethlisberger. Big Ben and I are both alums of the same university, and his reputation there was not an extremely positive one. He’s a brute. My distaste for him made the Giants’ loss this weekend a particularly bitter pill to swallow.

But the point isn’t really who won or lost this weekend. It’s that I got to leave the house for some football, friends and fun. Winning!


^Manning. He clearly has a rough life.


Author: Laura

I have a fern I named Frankenstein. I like leprechauns, practicing kung fu moves on my dining room furniture, and pretending that one day I will move to Fiji. I dislike my neighbors' kids, anything that is chartreuse, and Ben Roethlisberger.

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