Just What I Kneeded

What happens after a life-altering knee injury?

Not cool, Robert Frost

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This video made me straight up laugh out loud. It was just the pep talk I needed.

Below are a few of the gems thrown in throughout the video. But you’ll have to actually watch the video for the title of this post to make sense.

  • The world needs you to stop being boring. You’re gooder than that.
  • What if there were two paths? I want to be on the one that leads to awesome.
  • It’s like that dude Journey said, “Don’t stop believing… unless your dream is stupid. Then find a new dream.”
  • We got work to do. We can cry about it, or we can dance about it. We were made to be awesome. Let’s get out there!

You’ve just been pep talked.

Rainn Wilson, who you might recognize as Dwight from The Office, is the mastermind behind SoulPancake. I’ve followed this internet oddity since its inception, and I find it pretty entertaining and occasionally enlightening. It’s worth checking out.

Author: Laura

I have a fern I named Frankenstein. I like leprechauns, practicing kung fu moves on my dining room furniture, and pretending that one day I will move to Fiji. I dislike my neighbors' kids, anything that is chartreuse, and Ben Roethlisberger.

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