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What happens after a life-altering knee injury?

Sweating like it’s my job

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Yesterday’s PT session is the first one that’s ever made me really sweat. I mean REALLY sweat. Like, I had to tote around a towel and still couldn’t catch all the sweat running down my face. Totally gross since I had to go directly in to work afterwards. My hair was a wet mess because my head was sweating, too, and when I walked in the door, I was complimented on my hair. Um… thanks? I wonder what I usually look like to make a good impression with a soggy wet pony tail?

In my defense, the session was largely held in what’s really just a ginormous garage. It’s a cavernous vault that has huge overhead doors that open to the outside, but they were closed since it was rainy. The place was HUMID. So I’m going to blame the sweat on the humidity and not on the fact that I’m weak and can’t hold 110 lbs on the leg press with my right leg. Seriously, my leg was shaking on the second try. Weak. And my therapist was kind enough to point out that my ears were turning red, and my leg was already covered in a cold sweat. “Breathe!” I tried to play off that my ears were sunburned, but I don’t think she bought it.

What I really hate about these new PT sessions is that there are classes going on in the same space for athletic children. You know, so they can train in the off-season. Good gravy. Any one of the no-more-than-eight-year-olds practicing on the field could have whipped me in no time flat. Sure makes a body feel good to have to watch that while straining to maintain any kind of muscle control while doing a simple squat. At first, I thought, “Hey! This could be motivating!” But it’s not. It’s aggravating. Humiliating. Annoying.

At least the music blasting in the gym is entertaining. It’s amusingly eclectic. Some 80s mixed in with modern pop and rap.

The session this week solidified the fact that I’m going to be at this a while. My PT said that I’m not even strong enough for surgery right now. Which is true. But we’re going to work on it. Much to my PT’s delight. She worried me a little with how gleeful she was thinking up new exercises to strengthen my leg.

Though I didn’t exactly ask for permission, I thought I’d share an example of the “homework” that I get every week. I like the instructions that my PT gives me for three reasons.

  1. They’re entertaining. (Let’s be real, the stick people are fun. What I find unnerving, though, is that they’re all smiling. I’m rarely smiling while I’m doing my exercises.)
  2. They’re all on one sheet of paper, making them more portable than the usual sheath of papers I get from therapists.
  3. They’re brief, yet understandable. They’re the perfect quick reminder of what I’m supposed to be doing.
List of exercises PT.

One-of-a-kind exercise list from my PT.

One of the new exercises this week (#5 in the picture) is intended to help me when I’m ready to get back on the horse (literally). It works my adductors in a manner similar to the way they’d have to work to keep me in the saddle. Sticking in the saddle would be a good thing. Coming unglued, flying through the air and impacting on the hard ground is not fun. Trust me.


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I have a fern I named Frankenstein. I like leprechauns, practicing kung fu moves on my dining room furniture, and pretending that one day I will move to Fiji. I dislike my neighbors' kids, anything that is chartreuse, and Ben Roethlisberger.

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