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What happens after a life-altering knee injury?


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There are a number of reasons I’m feeling stuck at the moment. Physical therapy on repeat. Snow and more snow. Redundant music.

I need to add some new songs to my gym jams. I fairly recently added Pompeii by Bastille, Best Day of My Life by American Authors, Love Me Again by John Newman, and Timber by Pitbull (feat. Ke$ha). Let’s be honest here. I’m just being lazy and going through Amazon’s list of upbeat recent releases.

Also on my gym jam list are Read All About It by Emeli Sandé, Just Breathe by Willie Nelson (feat. Lukas Nelson), and Same Changes by The Weepies. These are some of the songs that usually play while I’m stretching after my exercises. A little more variety, but I still need something different. Everything is so blah at the moment. Any suggestions?

Knee Surgery Update

Knee sixteen days after surgery.

Still swollen but healing well.

I finished the third round of physical therapy, and I was both elated and disappointed. Elated because I’m making progress; disappointed because that means I’m stuck doing the same exercises for a while.

Three days last week were tough for me because I was on my feet quite a bit for work, and the knee didn’t hold up as well as I’d hoped. I don’t actually know what I was thinking; I knew it was a stretch to do so much barely more than two weeks after surgery. But you do what you gotta do.

I almost broke my arm patting myself on the back, though, with how well I managed the aftermath. I consciously chose to cut back on the PT for those days. WTH? I know. I’m so worried about screwing things up at this point that I willingly cut down the PT. By Sunday, I’d recovered well enough for a lengthy session with the NMES, and I actually managed a nice quad burn for the first time since surgery.

Yesterday, my PT said that she was pleased with the strength that I’m gaining. But that also means she’s content to keep me doing the same exercises. So Week Three/Four exercises match what I put on here for Week Two. See? Stuck. On the other hand, I’m making very positive progress, so I’m happy about that. My PT is happy, too. When I told her that I’d managed about five PAIN FREE step ups on Sunday night, she said that she felt a huge sense of accomplishment. Haha. Ditto for me. She wrote that landmark down in ALL CAPS and red letters.

I tried to reason with her about changing things up a bit. I explained that most of my problem with being on my feet was when I was standing still. So, if standing still is the problem, perpetual motion must be the answer. Simple logic. She kind of had a fit when I asked if that meant I could go jogging.

Don’t worry. I can’t go jogging anyway because a record snowfall for January wasn’t enough, and Mother Nature feels the need to keep dumping on us. We’re expecting about 9-10 more inches of snow tonight. More to come on the weekend. And in between? Frigid cold.

You know what goes with frigid cold and helps you feel better about life? Fro yo. Specifically, Huddles. Seriously, it works wonders. One of my good friends picked my sorry butt up four days after surgery, and we went to get our fro yo on, even though it was snowing and in the single digits. It’s that good.

Huddles frozen deliciousness.

My go to flavor mix: cake batter with chocolate-covered caramel bits.


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I have a fern I named Frankenstein. I like leprechauns, practicing kung fu moves on my dining room furniture, and pretending that one day I will move to Fiji. I dislike my neighbors' kids, anything that is chartreuse, and Ben Roethlisberger.

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